Our New SuperBlog URL

Please bookmark this new URL : barrywhytestorage.blog Hi all, welcome to the new site for our IBM Storage Blog. On 1st January 2020 IBM is sunsetting the old developerworks blog portal, and as such both Andrew and I have decided to move our content to wordpress. This is the new home of both : An... Continue Reading →

A place to call my own

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 4th August 2007 10,328 views on developerworks Welcome. One of the good things to come out of the recent banter started by Chuck that dragged in Tony and Barry Burke, regarding the 'relevance of SPC' and storage benchmarking in general was a comment from BarryB regarding me having my own blog... So here... Continue Reading →

SATA Performance

ORIGINALLY POSTED 4th August 2007 15,247 views on developerworks While googling I spotted an interesting topic from Chris, discussing the application of SATA drives in the enterprise. Quite rightly for years most vendors have been telling their customers that SATA is no replacement for SCSI or Fibre-Channel enterprise class disks. I don't know enough about... Continue Reading →

SVC Questions and Answers 2007

ORIGINALLY POSTED 9th August 2007 12,805 views on developerworks John and the OSSG have been discussing various aspects of SVC and Virtual SANs and I thought it was worth answering some of these questions in depth as well as clarifying some of OSSG's answers. "It’s essentially a Linux server cluster" While this statement is kind... Continue Reading →

Innovation, Invention and Intellectual Property

ORIGINALLY POSTED August 12th 2007 6,472 Views on developerworks I've seen a few comments in blogsphere relating to my 'Master Inventor' status and figured it was worth clarifying that this is an internal IBM accolade relating to services rendered in the area of innovation, invention and Intellectual Property (IP). Although in the last few years... Continue Reading →

Storage Virtualization – Part 2

ORIGINALLY POSTED 19th August 2007 11,419 Views on developerworks Cornerstone #1 - Online data migration It's always nice to influence peoples lives in a positive way. Thoseof you reading this have no doubt had the fun of being 'on call' foryour respective company. That frantic storage call at 3am on a Sundaymorning when things haven't... Continue Reading →

Getting new stuff out the door

ORIGINALLY POSTED 17th August 2007 9654 Views on developerworks Over at 'zilla central Mark is discussing the many millions of dollars devoted to research and development products, and in particular how few of them actually make it out into the field as fully fledged products. Back in the late 90's IBM's Research lab in Almaden... Continue Reading →

All too easy to use 8Gbits

ORIGINALLY POSTED 17th August 2007 7,479 views on developerworks While doing my late night catch up on whats being said out there, I had meant to post on Chris Evans' previous topic about 8Gb Fibre Channel. His latest post reminding me to explore this a bit further. In an answer to the question about why... Continue Reading →

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