Spectrum Virtualize, FlashSystem and SCMs

ORIGINALLY POSTED 13th July 2018 7,785 views on developerworks Its been great to see all the interest over the last week on the new FlashSystem 9100 products announced on July 10th. Interesting too on the register with the battlecard information, and some of the usual ‘anonymous’ comments that seem to miss the point – particularly that we... Continue Reading →

Introducing Spectrum Virtualize 8.1.0

ORIGINALLY POSTED 24th August 2017 10,961 views on developerworks On Tuesday 22nd August we announced the latest code update that will be available soon for the Spectrum Virtualize family.For the first time since 2012 we have bumped the major version number to 8. This signifies some exciting new features that begin with this release in... Continue Reading →

Introducing Spectrum Virtualize 7.8.1

ORIGINALLY POSTED 9th March 2017 14,783 views on developerworks I completely missed the announcement a couple of weeks ago for version 7.8.1 of the Spectrum Virtualize software. Traveling too much at the end of last month and forgot to post an update on whats new. This release I am dubbing the ‘customer council’ release. Last... Continue Reading →

Quorum, How does it work? SVC and Storwize

ORIGINALLY POSTED 10th January 2017 19,712 views on developerworks Spectrum Virtualize Quorum Happy New Year to all. I’ve been getting a few questions relating to quorum devices, and in particular the IP quorum and what happens when various different failure scenarios occur. I thought it was worth detailing things here. So first some background. What... Continue Reading →

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