SVC Standby Engine

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 6th July 2015 Hi again. I wanted to mention a feature that we released recently which we are calling the SVC Standby Engine.  Unfortunately this feature is not available for Storwize systems, so it's probably not worth you reading this, but let me know if it's the kind of feature you would want... Continue Reading →

Some details about how DRAID works

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 17th March 2016 Hi, There have been a number of DRAID questions on the forums recently, so we thought it was worth giving you some extra details about the benefits of DRAID. Ian Boden has provided the following information, and if you ask nicely he may come back and give us some more... Continue Reading →

RAID 5 Versus RAID 6

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 13th June 2016 Hi All, I was at the US user group last week - and this topic came up quite a lot.  The main reason that we started discussing R5 versus R6 is because the development team are currently recommending that all Distributed RAID arrays be configured as R6, and people are... Continue Reading →

Performance optmization of Snapshots

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 15th June 2016 Hi All, I've been working with a customer and we've realised that our best practice for snapshots (or Thin provisioned FlashCopies with a background copy rate of zero) may have been slightly flawed.   There is no functional impact to these changes- but we can make some small changes that will... Continue Reading →

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