Chilling with Infosmack

ORIGINALLY POSTED 18th February 2012 9,587 views on developerworks A couple of weeks back I got together with Nigel and Rick over at Infosmack, spending some time discussing what got me into computing, how I ended up in storage and what its like to work in IBM.I have to admit that I did go and... Continue Reading →

Breaking the 500,000 IOPs SPC Barrier

ORIGINALLY POSTED 3rd February 2012 20,233 views on developerworks Well, i guess I should first wish, any readers I still have left a Happy New Year.Not only are we now into 2012, but hey its February too, where did January go... must be some kind of temporal locality thing going on (private joke - sorry,... Continue Reading →

The Gotchas of NAND

ORIGINALLY POSTED 1st October 2011 14,765 views on developerworks While catching up on some old and new posts out here I came across an interesting article from Chris Mellor discussing a report about various PCIe card benchmarks performed by the Swiss National Computing Centre (CSCS).  I was going to reply to his post but as... Continue Reading →

IBM at 100

ORIGINALLY POSTED June 11th 2011 10,824 views on developerworks When Nigel asked the question about IBM's age in Infosmack 101 I was initially amazed hat everyone didn't instantly know that IBM is 100 this years young this year, next week infact. I guess internally we've had a lot more press about this than there has... Continue Reading →

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